From the 1st of September, we’re so excited to announce that we’ll be adding a Digital Advertising Van to our offering!


We know that Out of Home advertising is a fantastic medium but sometimes the spaces that you’d like aren’t available or even just not in the right area.


digital advertising Van

Why use a Digital Advertising Van?

A mobile Digital Advertising Van allows you to put your message exactly where they need to be.

Flexibility is key and we can put your message in front of an audience that you may have been missing or struggled to get in front of.


Not only that but if you don’t want the screen exclusive and need to bring the cost down, we have the ability to share the screen time between a few businesses and have the adverts on rotation.


We can create detailed routes and plans to ensure that your message is getting to the right people.


That’s not all!Digital Advertising Van

Not only does the screen allow for static images to rotate, but we are also able to display Video content with audio while the van is at a stop.

So whether you need to advertise an Event, a Showroom or Business launch, a sale, or you may just need a screen for a gathering that you’re holding, we can help!



With prices starting from £650+ VAT per day, get in touch, and book your Advertising space by calling the team on 01789720505 or getting in contact HERE