CLIENT:  Galwad
GALWAD campaign

Project: Galwad

Brief: GALWAD was a story for our times. Unfolding on social media channels in real-time over seven days in autumn 2022, and broadcast live on Sky Arts on Sunday 2nd October, it asked what if the future made contact with us in the present.

Idea: A marketing campaign to encourage audiences to tune in online and watch the live broadcast. Targeting audiences across Wales with Radio & out of home and England + further through Social Media, Google Display Network & YouTube

Solution: Radio: Nation Radio, Capital North Wales & DAX

  • Digital: North Wales Live, Wales Online, Google Display Network, Youtube
  • OOH: Digital 6 Sheets & Digital 48 sheets


Social Media: Responsible for paid advertising on Twitter & Facebook over 5 days.

Results for the Social & YouTube over 5 days

  • Reach: 1,973,669
  • Impressions: 6,374,033
  • Thru Plays/Views: 1,508,219

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