Podcasts: Creating A Powerful Connection With Your Audience
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If I asked you to think of a brand, what springs to mind for you? Apple, Nike, Chanel, Audi, Coca Cola, perhaps? The most easily recalled brands have one thing in common: a good story.

Storytelling is by no means a new concept, especially oral storytelling. It is an ancient and intimate tradition, rumoured to have originated between 50,000-2 million years ago (if only audio recording was a thing back then!) It is still one of the most popular forms of storytelling, likely because of the deep-rooted need for humans to connect and to understand each other.

It comes as no surprise therefore that according to statista.com, Podcast listenership in the UK has been increasing year on year, reaching an estimated 21.2 million listeners in 2022.

Podcasts have shown the most growth of any media, helping them to become more mainstream – 41% of podcast listeners are listening to podcasts more than they were 12 months ago according to The Guardian Podcast Study in 2022. And we’d bet our bottom dollar that listenership has increased even more this year.

But who makes up Podcasts’ audiences?

While podcast reach and consumption are as high as ever, statista.com research shows that podcasts are still most widespread among young audiences, with close to 40 percent of UK listeners aged 26 to 35 listening to podcasts on a weekly basis. Correspondingly, a recent survey showed that smartphones are by far the most commonly used device to listen to podcasts. When asked about their podcast listening behaviour, a large share of UK audiences stated that they primarily listened to podcasts while driving or traveling.

What is the most popular podcast genre in the UK?

Recent surveys indicated that sports and comedy were the most popular podcast genres with male listeners in Great Britain, while comedy and music were the leading genres among female listeners.

We love Podcasts.

Podcasts are to Radio what Netflix and iPlayer are to TV – on-demand radio, generally with no music, all speech. A podcast builds authentic relationships with its listeners over weeks, months or even years of weekly episodes. We are more likely to feel deeply connected to a brand when we hear a ‘voice’ – and brands can tap into this ready-made authenticity and trust to help consumers connect with their brand.

The IAB’s Real Living 2021: Understanding Listeners report found that because podcasts are chosen to be listened to at that moment, the listeners give it their sole attention without other media distractions. Perfect for brands that are struggling to cut through the noise.

Creating Podcast Ads That Pack a Punch

Want to reach Podcast audiences with a punchy audio commercial but not sure how? Shakespeare Media has the contacts and access to multiple platforms, such as DAX, Acast, and Spotify to name a few.  Coupled with our creative agency, Shakespeare Creative, we have the expertise to write, produce and place your audio advert to ensure your message gets into the right hands [or ears in this case!]

And if host-reads are more your bag, such as sharing a story about your business or brand, we can help place these too!

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