As computers and mobile devices become faster and reality more virtual, it’s no wonder that we are looking towards more intuitive ways of marketing our products and services. Whilst there is still very much a need for the more traditional forms of advertising such as press and print; blink and you’ll get left behind in the digital age.

A child of the MySpace and original Facebook era, I have always deemed myself fairly tech savvy but (I never thought I’d say this!) in my grand old mid-thirties, it can sometimes appear hard work staying on top, especially if time is your big killer. If you don’t stay ‘down with the kids’…well, your business will follow. Scary as this may seem, it’s easier than ever to promote your business using the latest marketing tools and the options are, (almost) endless. Here we highlight the power of AUDIO to target your audience. It’s easy, industry versatile and with visual options available to compliment your audio, we can help you create your business story!

Music to my ears….

Pretty much everyone has heard of Spotify right? Whether you are young or old, into your pop or your soulful Jazz. The age of mobile phones and tablets means you can access your favourite music anywhere. Because Spotify is a free streaming service (with paid subscriptions available), its popularity and accessibility brings them well over 100 million monthly subscribers. Pretty impressive. That’s one heck of an audience to pick and choose from!

Spotify isn’t the only platform that the consumer is using. The emergence of companies such as DAX (Digital Audio Exchange), Europe’s Largest programmatic audio platform, can help you target listeners on Soundcloud, Jango and all the major DAB radio stations such as Smooth, Capital and Classic FM too.

OK, I’m listening….

Reaching an audience that is extremely engaged (the average cross platform listener spends 148 mins a day listening to Spotify*) and with a highly influential sector of the population, sharing their likes/dislikes/recommendations across social media, not using these platforms to market your business, means you could be missing out. Audio is everywhere, intimate and evocative. Our lives are shaped by what we hear and memories are evoked when our brains are triggered by audio markers. Brands such as Spotify and DAX are able to collate data from millions of users and target specifically, your chosen demographic or product user, in order to expose your brand message without any wastage.

Super clever huh? It gets better….

Soon, with technology and voice activated services becoming increasingly sophisticated, audio streaming will be able to reveal profound insights about consumers. The ability to understand how the listener is feeling – not just what they are doing – is a remarkable opportunity. Rather than relying on a consumers age, likes or mobile device type to target an audience, businesses will soon be able to connect with their customers by understanding their state of mind determined by their choice of soundtrack, artist or song.

So how do I engage with my customer?

Everyone loves a good story. No one likes to be sold to. Working out what type of message is best for an audio platform is pretty simple. Think like the consumer not the salesman. We can all remember a cheesy radio ad we’ve heard, that for whatever reason, (probably much to your annoyance) gets stuck in your head. For me it’s a furniture company jingle, from about 10 years ago that I couldn’t shake off…but I’ll always remember the telephone number and at least I know where to go to buy a bed!

On a serious note, the best adverts that last, create a story in your mind. The over 30’s might remember the classic Hamlet Cigar radio ads from the 80’s (back in the glory days of less restrictive advertising!) which enticed the listener in, with an awkward moment in the life of the character; or more recently a clever Virgin Atlantic advert, that captured the attention of the audience with the host, interviewing the airlines food and beverage manger (who tells a story of naming a bagel after a customer on a flight!). Engaging and good for brand association. Listen to George’s Bagel here.

Audio ads are proven to work and considered less intrusive than other forms of advertising. A comScore study found that listeners felt more “connected, intelligent and energised” after listening with two-thirds saying they acted on those ads by either looking up the product or service or by making a purchase.

Sounds pricey!?

Not necessarily. Obviously it would be great to have a chunky budget for all your advertising needs but the reality is very different. Spotify or radio ads can be quite reasonable to start with and of course our job is to find the best rates available to your business. Once you have your ad in place, you can use it across many platforms too. The common belief is that audio is pricey, which in turn increases quality perception in your brand! Not a bad impression to give and a memorable one too. The return on investment can be higher than other more traditional forms of advertising too. So, why not tell people your business story?






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