TV Advertising – it could be exactly what your business needs.

Many times, when we have been speaking to clients about the potential of TV advertising, we often see the same look appearing across their faces.

Horror. Shock. It’s too expensive. It’s not accessible.

Frankly, it’s a completely understandable reaction. We’ve all read about how much businesses spend on the advertising space before the I’m a Celeb final.

According to The TV Agency, “you could have an advert in Britain’s Got Talent across ITV1 nationally in peak, the cost per 30” advert in April 2020 delivering 14 TVR’s [TV Rating points] against Housewives with kids would be approximately £55,196”.

That’s right. £55,196 for ONE 30″ advertising spot.

That’s significantly cheaper than in previous years due to COVID-19 as well!


However, we need to dispel the myth that this is the only way to purchase TV Advertising. There’s no question that TV delivers a better ROI than radio, online display, newspapers and outdoor. TV Advertising is a fantastic way to get your brand directly into the homes of your potential clients.

How do you buy TV?

Consumption of TV can be split between Linear TV viewing and Video On Demand viewing. Linear TV is “live” TV. This is when you switch your TV on at 7pm to watch a particular show. Whereas “VOD” is when watch your favourite show, through streaming services such as ITV Player, 40D or iPlayer, in your own time, and through multiple devices.

The growth of Video on Demand has allowed TV Advertising to become accessible to businesses of all sizes.

A huge proportion of TV is now brought by “impressions”.

When purchasing TV by “impressions” it allows an advertiser to focus on a particular audience by targeting exactly who they want to see their message.

  • Geo-targeting [Regions, Postcodes, Catchment areas]
  • Gender, age and other household demographics
  • Social Groups
  • Vehicle Ownership/Home Ownership
  • Financial and Business.
  • Other targeting options

Wastage can be a huge issue for businesses when buying TV, but by purchasing advertising through VOD, the wastage is minimal.

A local targeted campaign can start in the region of £3k

Ultimately, this targeting enables businesses to advertise on national channels but to relevant audiences, at a reasonable cost.

Here at Shakespeare Media, we work with the major TV platforms. We can guide you through the process and take the stress away so get in contact with the team today!


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