Unlock Radio’s captive audience for your Business.


One of the greatest reasons for advertising on the radio is that there’s already a captive and loyal audience…


It’s just waiting for you…


With over 36 million people tuning in each week throughout the UK, it’s a fantastic medium to get your message to new potential customers.


Highly cost-effective. You’re able to buy more audience impressions that any other medium.

Offering. Airtime, Promotions, and Sponsorships are a few of the ways that you can position your brand alongside a Radio Station.

Highly targeted. Depending on your target audience, there will be a Station for you. You can target by age, social grade, and gender. Plus, with 53% of listening being Digital, those targeting options are growing rapidly. 

Return on Investment. The Radiocentre reports that Radio delivers £7.70 in revenue return on investment for each pound that is spent. Subsequently making Radio the second-best return on investment, after TV.

Trust. Radiogauge data shows that people who are exposed to radio advertising within a campaign are 62% more likely to trust a brand.

High levels of listening. Roughly, two-thirds of adults tune in to commercial radio every week. The customers that you want? You’ve got them in one place.

Creativity. Great scripts, famous music, celebrity voices, jingles, and bespoke music can all help to produce incredible results for your business. Radio is more than the standard 30” Advertising.

Frequency. Clearly, a large reach is fantastic. However, the OTH [opportunities to hear] is where the key to success lies. The more that you hear a message, the more likely that the message will stick. As a rule, 3 is the magic number.

Short lead times. With the ability to promote at short notice, Radio is key when it comes to tactical marketing messages.

Intrusive. Regardless of whether you’re in the car, at home or work, at the shops or in a cafe – you’ll hear it in some form.


Radio is unskippable and intrusive.


Undoubtedly, listeners are loyal and passionate about their favourite Stations, presenters, and shows. Currently, the average weekly listening figures see the UK tuning in for around 20 hours a week. Consequently, it’s become part of our lives and our routines.

By Advertising through Radio, you can unlock an already captive audience and turn them into your customers.

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