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Stuck in slow moving traffic, waiting at a bus stop, or trying to avoid awkward eye contact with the person sat opposite on the train… bam, that eye-catching advert is in our eyeline, and we are hooked in!

There are many benefits of transit advertising including being cost-effective, reaching a captive audience, facilitating lengthy and frequent exposure, and geo-targeting.

But what transit advertising options are available and what are their key attributes? Let’s dive into a few of our favourites here.



Bus advertising reaches over 48 million adults over a typical two-week period, making it one of the highest-reaching marketing mediums available. Buses are particularly effective when targeting 15-34 year-olds, as bus passengers are often a young, social audience who are always on the go.

From a full bus wrap to a rear bus back, there are multiple formats available to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

Source: Route

Shakespeare Media Advertising on Bus



Every day millions travel by train in the UK. It offers a valuable period of me-time, surrounding the working day. A time to get things done, whether it be booking a day at the races with pals or that new musical before it sells out. It can be a key time of self-reflection and making key life decisions such as choosing the School for your child, or what solicitor to instruct for your house move.

In a nutshell, train commuters are highly receptive to on-board media, with a high-dwell time [average 40 minute journey]

Shakespeare Media Advertising on Train

Traincards reach commuters during key periods of ‘smart boredom’, when they’re motivated to tick items off their personal and professional ‘to-do’ lists, and so able to influence these activities.

Source: Dipsticks



From 2022-2023, there were 212 million passenger journeys made on light rail and trams in England across the 8 links [a 23% increase from the previous year!]

As this form of transport grows in popularity, tram advertising is increasingly in demand and a great mode to display a creative message in busy cities.

Shakespeare Media Advertising on Tram

On average, passengers spend 6-10 minutes waiting for the tram, and an additional 35 minutes on board. A higher dwell time could bring a greater level of ad recall for your brand.


Ad Vans/ iWalkers

Vans and iWalkers are mobile media platforms to target high footfall areas with minimal outdoor advertising opportunities. Whether you want to reach football fans at the FA cup match, or Cheese Rollers in Gloucester, both platforms can be used across all the UK, at one set cost. So, you’re paying the same affordable price wherever you go.

Shakespeare Media Advertising on Van

Both striking and engaging, they give you more bang for your buck by providing in-depth reporting.

Built-in facial detection technology helps brands to unlock valuable demographic insights, breaking down ‘watchers’ into distinctive demographic brackets.



Taxis spend up to 90% of their time in towns and city centres, usually moving at slow speed! This will put your campaign in front of thousands of people every single day.

‘Full livery’ refers to a bespoke vinyl taxi wrap that covers the whole taxi for maximum impact. Or for something a little more under the radar, supersides, rear windows and interior seat options are also a great and cost-effective way to reach a captive audience.

Shakespeare Media Advertising on Taxi


Don’t forget, at Shakespeare Media, we can research and procure all advertising for you at no cost.



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