Births, Deaths & Business – Embracing Change

Births, Deaths & Business – Embracing Change

What a funny old week it has been. As we near the closing week of April (how the year is flying past already!) there has been a lot of interesting news this week.

Sniffer dogs in London’s airports are being questioned for having better skills at finding cheese and sausages than class-A drugs (would that make them ‘class-A sausages’?) and the Chinese Communist Party has finally made it no longer illegal to play golf (huzzah!) a positive change for the sporting industry.

We also celebrate the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II this week. It is a fantastic feeling to be witness to the longest reigning monarch this country has ever seen and a well loved one too. Our Queen has seen more changes to technology and the planet in her 64-year reign than many of us will see in a lifetime and with that comes the need to change and adapt. Also, being blessed with such a long and healthy life, means dealing with inevitable heartbreak and the loss of loved ones.

This week we also say farewell to the fantastically funny and original Victoria Wood (CBE), who was a pioneer of female comedy, a tour de force for breaking down the class system. A hardworking individual who always had an edge of awkwardness about her that we could relate to. A genuine one off!

Equally unique and a tour de force for the music industry we say a sad goodbye to the great Prince (or Artist Formally Known As). The sudden death of Prince Rogers Nelson this week at the young age of 57 has shocked the music world. There is no denying we have lost a great talent, another pioneer of change, not just in pop but in music as a whole. His influences in modern music are endless, gone but never forgotten.

Today, the 22nd April 2016, is #EarthDay….. no, not Earth’s Birthday but indeed a new(ish)ly created day to reflect on what we as the human race are doing and can do, to slow down the inevitable decline of The Earth. Many people may feel it is out of the hands of small businesses and individuals to have any sort of effect but today is about raising awareness that we all potentially have the power, no matter how small the changes. The move to more online and digital marketing and media for example, reduces the need for print (a dying medium) and of endless pieces of paper thrown into your wastepaper bin. Renewable energy, electric fuel, solar power for our homes…..we’re getting there but will it be enough in time for the next generation?

What a busy month April has been so far and going out with a bang are the celebrations of the birth, life and death of William Shakespeare. This year sees an important milestone in his legacy as it is the 400th anniversary of his death, with the celebrations in Stratford upon Avon this weekend, bigger and better than ever. A whole host of stars from around the globe (see what I did there!) are coming together to mark his passing and his enduring legacy. Big names such as David Tennant, Judi Dench, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ian McKellan and Helen Mirren (to name a few!) are performing at The RSC this weekend and no doubt the town will see a fair few more visitors than the thousands that usually descend upon the banks of the River Avon. Here’s hoping for some nice weather to boot!

The Shakespeare Media team also marked it’s Birthday recently, (celebrating in style this weekend with our namesake!) and to mark this occasion we expanded the team by recruiting our new Media Manager, Hannah Raison. Hannah has survived her first full week with us after being thrown in at the deep end (which she assures us she loves!), so no doubt if you haven’t heard from her already, you soon will. The expansion has been an exciting time for us here at Shakespeare Media HQ as we grow with our clients in change and adaptation to stay on the ball and be able to offer our customers the next bigger, better thing to help their businesses to grow.

So we leave you with some ideas to mull over, some people to say farewell to and some celebrating to be done. It really does show how rich life can be – with the death of an idea or concept, comes the birth of a new one and shows how important it is to roll with the changes.

Have a lovely weekend,


SM x

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