Our work with The Shakespeare Hospice

We are proud to be working with a fantastic local charity, The Shakespeare Hospice in Stratford upon Avon, with their marketing support. Over the last few weeks we have been busy promoting their wide range of events that they hold throughout the year.
Their main goal is to drive more traffic towards their website, increase followers on their social media pages and increase participant numbers for events on previous years. Brand awareness and consistency is also of high importance to the charity and so we have been working closely with them to further educate the public about the charity’s mission.
So far, we have managed to do this by using a successful mix of media from press and radio advertising through to social media boosts, including a Facebook ‘click and share’ competition. We have also designed and created eye catching e-shots to get this wealth of information out to their current database. As you can imagine, charities don’t have bottomless pots of cash but this is a great example of just how we can help those budgets go a bit further in a creative manner.

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