Warwickshire’s where it’s at!

Planning your summer holiday?

Well with all this lovely weather and the lead up to another bank holiday, (oh May, you do spoil us!), you would be forgiven for wanting to get flicking through those brochures and clicking on comparison sites, offering you a relaxing break abroad…but why spend all that cash (whilst trying to fit all your worldly belongings into an ‘inflight approved’ case) with some dodgy airline, when you can stay in Warwickshire!?

Yes, our lovely Warwickshire, home to Shakespeare Media HQ has just been voted number 6 in the TOP 10 EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS in the WORLD by Lonely Planet! Huzzah!….and everyone’s been talking about it (well….in Warwickshire anyway!).

Described by travel experts as “brimming with beauty” and heralded for it’s “bucolic hills, sublime castles and historic market towns” it has been ranked number six in the 2016 Best in Europe list, ranking amongst top world destinations such as the beautifully romantic Venice in Italy and majestic Peloponnese in Greece. We couldn’t be more stoked! Well done Middle England!

Of course, The Bard has had a lot to do with it, with the 400th anniversary celebrations in Stratford this year, plus Warwickshire is of course home to the historic Warwick Castle and it’s world famous Trebuchet, (which is a rather large catapult for those who don’t know!) but it can’t go unnoticed what a great place Middle England is for business too…..

Warwickshire has an exceptional reputation for attracting some of the world’s most successful businesses from well known brands such as Caterpillar, National Grid, The Royal Shakespeare Company and Aldi through to Jaguar Land Rover and James Bond’s old favourite, Aston Martin. It is home to some of the world’s most renowned brands.

The nickname ‘Silicon Spa’ was coined for the strong digital media presence in the town of Leamington Spa, with gaming companies making up a whopping 75% of all media companies in the town, (national average is 5-10%), headed up by the well known games developer Codemasters. The Gaming Development industry is worth a cool £1.7bn to the UK economy, (Leamington was also recently voted The Times ‘Third best place to live in the UK’), ….so that’s a lot of input from Warwickshire right there!

And of course not forgetting, world class university and college courses at University of Warwick, Coventry University and Warwickshire College, it’s clear to see why so many creative and digital companies choose to base themselves here in leafy Warwickshire.

So let’s give Warwickshire a great big shout out for coming in at number 6! We love being Warwickshire based and we think we’re in pretty good company! There really is nowhere else, quite like Warwickshire!

Here’s to a sunny bank holiday weekend in this lovely part of our world.

SM x

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