Our week in pictures!

Hello Followers!

We hope you have all had a productive week? We’ve been up to all sorts around the region, no two weeks are ever the same but that’s why we love working at Shakespeare Media HQ!

Breakfast meetings and dinner invites, (any excuse to eat!), new faces, a few celebrities thrown in for good measure and even our very own mini reporter, Hannah, running around like Challenge Anneka in a neon tutu all in aid of charity! Phew! We’ll do anything to get attention 😉

We would also like to officially announce our new member of the Shakespeare Media team to everyone…after all, she is getting on for nearly 5 weeks old now, so we thought it was about time! She’ll be a social media whizz before she’s even walking! Introducing …..Baby Isla Bravington! (Pic of Vicki and her beautiful daughter above – looking great Vicki!).

Just a brief one today from us at SM but we didn’t want to leave this week without saying tara! Hopefully you have all managed to squeeze in some quality time in this sunny weather, (it brings out the best in all of us!), and don’t forget the storms aren’t there to dampen our spirits…more to clear the air and pave the way for a new week. So enjoy your weekend folks and don’t forget to share that #FridayFeeling!

SM x

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