Moving forward with your Marketing & Media Buying

2020….it’s been really hard. There’s no getting away from that.


Unfortunately, many of us have found ourselves feeling a bit stuck and not sure which way to go or how to move forward.

You didn’t come this far to only come this far.

As we find our way through the “new normal”, you may find that your business has had to change into a new way of working. Whether it’s the business plan, marketing strategy, the business offering, or the team itself.

At Shakespeare Media, we’ve found ourselves in the same position.

We’re changing and adapting how our business works so that we can make sure that we can support and guide our clients through the unknown and the challenges ahead.

However, one thing remains the same with us here at Shakespeare Media and that’s that our aim is, and always has been, to make your life easier.



You may not have thought about Media Buying or outsourcing your Marketing before, but we’ve been doing this for years and could be what you need right now.


There are two ways that we can help.

Media Buying.

When it comes to Radio, Outdoor, Newspapers, Magazines, Digital Advertising or TV Campaigns, we can organise and book it all.

We find you the best rates and the best positions, without you having to wade through all of the opportunities which are available. We have contacts at all the major Media outlets, ensuring that we’re speaking to the right people on your behalf.


We can offer advice and guidance as well as help with Social Media Management and Digital Advertising. We can become your Marketing department or a member of your team. Right now, you may not be sure of which way to turn, but with over 50 years of Media experience, we know that we can help.


One-point of contact saving you time, stress, and money.   A trustworthy partner who can advise and negotiate on your behalf.   


Whether you’re a large company that needs somebody to come in, save you money and time by providing a Media Buying service or a small business who needs someone to organise the Marketing and provide reassurance, we can help.

You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin for updates and news.

If this sounds like what you need, please get in touch by filling in the contact form below.


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