What’s DOOH all about?

Whether you’re driving on the Motorway, running for the train, or popping to the shops, you’re surrounded by businesses promoting themselves and their products.

Out of Home Advertising is still one of the most significant elements of any Marketing & Advertising Campaign. The fact of the matter is that 98% of the population sees an out of home ad each week in the UK.

In October 2019, the Statista Research department released that “in 2018, out of home advertising reached 1.21 billion British pounds throughout the United Kingdom. Expenditures were forecast to increase over the following two years to roughly 1.31 billion euros in 2020”

Today, Out of Home advertising is one of the fastest-growing advertising formats on the market and the reason for this? “DOOH” or Digital Out of Home.

Not sure? Think about either Times Square or Piccadilly Lights in London. Digital Outdoor Advertising.

Gone are the days where you could only have a single piece of artwork in place. There is now an increased offering in Digital Out Of Home which gives advertisers the opportunity to create unique and contextual ads for every screen and at each location.

What’s so great about DOOH?


1. DOOH sites can be anywhere,  much like OOH, but they tend to be settled more within the Community. Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, Bus Stops, Supermarkets, Train Stations, Airports and Cinemas are just a couple of examples. Typically they are clustered together in urban areas.

2. Another big plus is that while advertisers can have the “standard static artwork” if they wish,  DOOH permits full-motion videos. Not only that, but many of these now can also allow for interaction via touchscreens.

3. Due to the flexibility with images and movement that DOOH permits, consumers are instantly attracted to what is in front of them. The creative potential is huge – as long as you have the right location!


4. OOH requires production & printing costs. That doesn’t exist with DOOH, providing you can supply your own artwork.

5. DOOH can be linked to Social Media Campaigns to huge success. In 2018 research which was led by OnDevice, showed that metrics such as brand awareness, emotional response, brand consideration, and brand action, when full-motion DOOH was added to social media ad campaigns, increased on average by 23%.


How much is it growing?


According to Route, back in Sept 2019, the number of digital screens now stands at 11,734 in the UK.

Digital Out Of Home has seen significant investment in new inventory. According to Route, currently, 69% of the adult GB population will see a digital screen each week. This figure is up from 65% 12 months ago.

Not only that, but over this 12 month period,  the number of digital screens measured by Route has jumped by 23%.

The developments happening with DOOH are growing rapidly. If you’re either thinking about OOH Advertising or Digital Out of Home Advertising, get in touch below.

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