‘Out of the Box’ Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor advertising

What springs to mind when you think about where you see advertising?

Is it the giant, flashy billboard you pass on your way into work? Maybe, it’s the bus shelter advert you look at as you walk past? Or perhaps, it’s the poster on the platform you study as you wait for your train to turn up?

We love these fantastic, tried-and-tested ways that brands can reach audiences.

But, what happens when these options are unavailable? Maybe, you’re trying to reach a rural audience, where outdoor advertising is limited or simply doesn’t exist?

At Shakespeare Media, we’re always trying to find new and innovative ways for our clients to reach their target audiences, wherever they might be in the UK.

Here are a few ideas on how to reach an outdoor audience in exciting ‘out of the box’ ways:


Want to advertise in hard-to-reach areas?

iVans and iWalkers are mobile media platforms to target high footfall areas with minimal outdoor advertising opportunities.

Both striking and engaging, they give you more bang for your buck by providing in-depth reporting.

Built-in facial detection technology helps brands to unlock valuable demographic insights, breaking down ‘watchers’ into distinctive demographic brackets.

What’s better – both platforms can be used across all the UK, at one set cost. So, whether you want to advertise in Central London, or a small fishing village in Cornwall, you’re paying the same affordable price wherever you go.


Want to target commuters?

AdNozzles® are a fantastic way to capture drivers’ attentions whilst they fill up at petrol stations across the UK. They can target motorists in a specific region or postcode, or can be tailored to reach specific demographics, for example:

  • Labourers: select diesel nozzles.
  • Truckers: target HGV forecourts.
  • Shoppers: run a campaign on supermarket forecourts.
  • Business users: national motorway network.

Adverts are positioned on the petrol/diesel nozzles themselves, so offer an extensive dwell time.

Car Park Tickets

Want to target a local/hyperlocal audience?

Local car parks often provide advertisement opportunities on the back of printed car park tickets.

This ensures your brand is physically in the hand of a local target audience throughout all hours of the day.

With potentially 100’s of vehicles parking in a car park on any given day, back-of-ticket advertising can promote high brand awareness through creating a personal ad experience with each driver.

And remember, dwell time on each advert could be longer than you think. How often do you find old car park tickets scattered around your car…?

BT Kiosks

Want to target a high footfall area?

BT Kiosks (formerly the BT phone boxes) offer a fantastic and affordable way to advertise to the masses.

Due to the nature of phone boxes being in areas where people are likely to frequent, these newly converted advertisement platforms offer brands high exposure to a large audience.

Often purchased in groups (at prices more affordable than you’d imagine), you could see your products and services advertised from one top of the High Street to the very end. As a result, BT Kiosks create numerous impact points and increase levels of brand awareness in high footfall areas.

Guerrilla Advertising

Want to advertise in a unique and unconventional way?

Guerrilla advertising is an inventive way to drum up brand awareness where normal advertising routes are hard to find.

From installing temporary artwork to putting on an unmissable flash mob, outdoor guerrilla advertising can draw attention to a brand and create a significant buzz.

In a world where everyone has access to a camera and social media on their phones, this unconventional style of advertising can infiltrate a digital market by having members of the public take pictures and record the ‘experience’.

As a result, guerrilla advertising can be a cost-effective way to promote brand awareness and generate positive PR.


Don’t forget, at Shakespeare Media, we can research and procure all advertising for you at no cost.

Want to learn more about one of our ‘out of the box’ advertising ideas? Contact us today:

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