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Introducing our brand-new blog series – ‘Tell Me More…’

Throughout this series, we’ll be deep diving into the various advertising platforms and products available to brands, giving you the answers you’ve always wanted to know.

So, without further ado, let’s kick off by telling you more…about digital audio advertising.


Remember that radio advert you heard about 5 years ago with the catchy jingle and catchphrase? Yes, us too!

Audio is pretty powerful when it comes to brand recall. Whether it’s a hummable tune or just general podcast chatter, audio has the unique ability to burrow its way into our ears and deep down into our subconsciouses.

Put simply, audio is great for creating emotional and memorable experiences.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), 33.2 million people listen to online audience every week.  Over the pandemic, digital audio has seen a sharp increase in listenership, with many now tuning in as they work from home.

What’s better, brands are now able to target specific demographics and locations on connected devices.

Connected devices are physical objects that can connect with each other and other systems via the internet, such as a smartphone and smart speaker.

So, if you wanted to target a female listener, aged 30+, listening via a smart speaker, with engineering interests in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon – you can! Mind = blown.

So, when we say audio is powerful – we mean it!

There are numerous digital audio advertising formats for brands to take advantage of, so let’s explore a few of them:

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DAX (or Digital Ad Exchange) is a Global-owned platform which connects brands with audiences at scale across digital audio and outdoor media.

As well as representing Global’s leading radio stations like Heart, Capital and Radio X, DAX works with premium publisher brands including SoundCloud and CountryLine Radio.

Through DAX, Brands can place 20 to 60-second digital audio ads across streaming radio, on-demand services, smart speakers, and podcasts.

These audio ads can reach a wide range of target audiences by choosing from DAX’s 150+ targeting segments, including specific demographics, behaviours, and interests.

Brands are also able to target audiences at precise locations using the DAX platform, ranging from nationwide, down to individual postcodes.

With listen-through rates exceeding 90%, the DAX platform provides a cost-effective way for a brand to reach their target audiences.


InStream is Bauer’s digital audio advertising platform that provides brands opportunities to connect with the listeners of trusted & influential Bauer audio brands.​

Like DAX, you could have a targeted digital audio advertisement play across a variety of Bauer-owned radio stations, via connected devices.

Instream stations include:

  • Absolute Radio
  • Absolute Radio – Country
  • Heat
  • Hits Radio Network
  • Jazz FM
  • Kerrang! Radio
  • Kiss
  • KissFresh
  • Kisstory
  • Magic Radio
  • Plant Rock
  • Scala Radio


Digital audio ads can run up to 60 seconds long and can be played across these audio brands running standalone or alongside any airtime campaigns or as part of a creative partnerships on Bauer brands.​

In-depth targeting is also available via the InStream platform, with options to target specific demographics and locations.

Creating audio content

Our creative arm, Shakespeare Creative, creates radio shows and digital audio advertising that can connect with a brands target audiences, across the stations they’re listening too. 

What’s more, the Shakespeare Creative team can produce, edit, and release podcasts across all platforms, from Apple Podcasts/iTunes to Spotify, helping you to design your podcast from conception and recording through to delivery.


If you are interested in creating audio content for your brand, visit to find out more.

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