The Evolution of TV advertising
Evolution of advertising

The nature of how we watch TV is evolving. Those of us old enough to remember the days when the family would rush home to catch their favourite show on the box, will have witnessed the transition to the exciting new world of television watching!

Likely accelerated by recent world events, the typical UK TV audiences have turned to on-demand or streaming services for planned viewing to fit in with their lifestyle, mood, and schedule. They have the freedom to choose what they want to consume, and when they want to consume it.

Also, how they want to watch it – whether by phone, tablet, PC or Smart/Connected TV (CTV). Never before have viewers had more flexibility, control, personalisation and choice.

Granted, linear TV still holds significant cultural value. However, streaming TV is cementing its place in our cultural consciousness, with 83% of the Smart TV audience saying they’d mostly turn to OTT (via internet video streaming) services rather than linear TV to binge-watch – and boy, do we enjoy a good binge-watch!

*‘The 2021 CTV Viewer’ Study in 2021 by Ipsos Consumer Research & Samsung ads:

Smart TV Advertising

Smart TV fulfils a diverse range of functions that go beyond the classic TV experience.

One third of users turn to theirs to catch up on YouTube videos, then there’s TV as a music and radio player, TV as a fitness instructor, TV for gaming  – the list goes on! TV has become a multi-purpose facilitator for entertainment, connection, learning and more.

And smart TV brings smart advertising. Thanks to addressable TV advertising technologies, advertisers can affordably target by specific geographics, locations and interests (even as granular as the type of car they have or how many pets they own!), ensuring only the right users see their ad, and only pay when it’s been seen.

A household can watch the same programme but be served completely different ads on their individual devices. Clever, don’t you think?

Programmatic TV Buying

Is the automated buying and selling of TV ad space based on audience data. Using Programmatic platforms that Shakespeare Media has access to, businesses can reach viewers using Video on Demand (VOD), mobile & tablet devices as well as linear TV ads served across set-top boxes (Freeview).

With this exciting new automated-technology, advertisers can tap into TV media with smaller budgets and can measure the results of the campaign in real-time.

TV Advertising Cost

With all this in mind, TV advertising is no longer just for the big players with huge budgets.

Thanks to advanced and bespoke data targeting, it’s now more cost effective for advertisers as they don’t need to cast their nets as wide anymore to reach quality leads.  Win!

Advertise on Television

The thought of creating a TV campaign might seem daunting. Well don’t worry, we’ve already helped many businesses get their brand on platforms including Sky, Channel 4 and ITV.

With relatively low production costs – you don’t need to have a Steven Spielberg advert to make quality adverts these days – our experienced creative production team can help you make an ad that cuts through and makes you stand out from your competition.

Topped with a sprinkle of insider knowledge from your favourite media buyer, you’ll be amazed at what results you will achieve.


At Shakespeare Media, we can research and procure all advertising for you at no cost.

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